Inkgard MICR black cartridges allow you to print bank compliant checks.       Learn More
Inkgard UV Ink appears invisible until viewed under a UV light.       Learn More
Inkgard – HP 56 Black
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Inkgard Black MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) Cartridges
Inkgard Black MICR Cartridges allow you to print bank compliant checks using your printer. When printing checks using inexpensive blank security check paper, Magnetic (MICR) cartridges ensure that your printed checks will comply with US Federal & Canadian bank regulations. Inkgard black MICR cartridges are superior for check printing and all your other printing needs.

With Inkgard black MICR cartridges and the right check design & printing software you can save 50-80% on check paper vs. buying pre-printed checks from your bank or mail-order check supplier. Check creation software is available from many sources online and in office/computer superstores. Please also visit for a side-by-side review of popular finance managers and check creation software applications.
MICR Example
Inkgard Black MICR Cartridge Features:
  • Compatible with standard magnetic (MICR) check readers used at banks and retail stores
  • Fraud proof and tamper protected printing
  • Ultra-sharp print quality for documents and images
  • Resists fading, smearing, and chemical alterations
  • Ideal for all printing needs
Inkgard Invisible Ultraviolet (UV) Fluorscent Ink
Inkgard Ultraviolet Fluorscent Ink appears invisible until placed under a UV light when it will appear flourescent.  Invisible ink is used to add tracking and security to documents, authenticate pricing, ticket re-admission, identity verification and more. Inkgard UV ink is not limited to security applications. Any graphic or text can be printed with Inkgard UV ink so the applications are unlimited. From adding security to company checks to creating clues for a scavenger hunt, Inkgard UV Invisible Ink makes it easy.
Inkgard Invisible UV Fluorscent Ink Features:
  • Theft protection
  • Anti-counterfeiting and security
  • Proves origination and ownership
  • Prevents fraud
  • Alleviates false returns of goods
  • Production control on documents or labels - for batch I.D.s and quality assurance
A FREE Inkgard software download to make your cartridges last up to 4 times as long will be added to the shopping cart with your initial cartridge selection!
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*one single-user license per year per customer - verified during check out.

HP 56

Compatible with: C6656AN
Product Name
HP 56 Black
Inkgard 56 Black
Retail Price $23.99 $8.99
Page Yield 520 2080 *
Cost Per Page 4.6¢ 0.4¢*
Color Black Black
Package Quantity 1 1
Manufacturer # C6656AN 100032
Remanufactured No Yes
Compatible HP printers:  DeskJet: 450cbi, 450ci, 450wbt, 5150, 5550, 5850, 9670, 9680
FAX: 1240
OfficeJet: 4110, 4110v, 4215, 5505, 5610, 6110, 6110xi
PhotoSmart: 7150, 7260, 7350, 7450, 7550, 7755
PSC: 1210, 1311, 1315, 1350, 2110, 2175, 2410, 2510
* using Inkgard software.
A FREE Inkgard software download to make your cartridges last up to 4 times as long will be added to the shopping cart with your initial cartridge selection!
Inkgard software, FREE with any Inkgard cartridge purchase, allows you to control your ink & toner use and will make your cartridges last up to 4 times as long. When used with InkGard Ultra Yield cartridges you can achieve savings of up to 95% overall and more. Learn more...
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